CCTV: One of the best investments in your small business

16 07 2013
Day/Night High Resolution IR Camera

Day/Night High Resolution IR Camera

With more than half of all small business start-ups failing within their first five years, why not make the investment in a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Camera system, and help ensure your business’s success.

Some of the threats to a new business include:

Retail theft – Most people are familiar with shoplifting, perhaps the most common form of retail theft. However, some of the more subtle forms of retail theft include price switching, refund fraud, wardrobing (returning clothes after they’ve been worn). Have you observed any of these events in your business?

Employee theft – The most common type of employee theft is called sweethearting (giving away merchandise without charge to a “sweetheart” customer (e.g. family, friend, or co-worker) by fake scan or ring-up of merchandise by the cashier. Do you conduct regular store inventory or have another way to detect sweethearting?

Consumer/Employee fraudSlip and fall scams and fraudulent workmen compensation claims can have a huge impact on your business’s bottom line.  Without documentation, you have little defense against these claims. What would be the impact of a fraudulent claim against your business?

Now for the good news…

A CCTV Camera systems can help you to mitigate the threats listed above.

And, today’s camera technology has never been more affordable.

Call me today at 352-514-4280 to schedule a no obligation security review. Together we will discuss the potential risks to your business, then I will offer you a surveillance solution that will deter and detect unwanted events at your business location and document them should they occur.

If you prefer, you can “Request Consultation” through our Securalogix website and I will contact you to schedule a FREE security review.

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Things to consider when purchasing a home security system

27 02 2013

When shopping for a home security system, there are many factors to consider. Some common concerns are: How much should I budget for home security?, What functions and features are important to me?, and How do I select the right installation company?

Since each home is different, budgeting for home security will vary from installation to installation. However, I’ve found that in most situations,  a home owner can expect to spend 1%-2% of their home’s value to properly secure the home with a full perimeter security system.Safe & Secure Home

Today’s systems offer a wide array of functions and features. Some functions and features include:

  • Icon, Custom word, and Touch screen keypads
  • Contacts, Motion Detectors, Glass Break Sensors, and Smoke Detection
  • Police, Fire, and Medical alert Panic buttons
  • Lighting controls
  • Thermostat controls
  • Cell phone integration
  • GSM & Broadband signaling
  • and many more

Here are few questions to ask when choosing a professional security services company.

  • Are you licensed to install, and service security systems equipment in this state?
  • Is the equipment that you install UL-approved? Is it new equipment?
  • Do you offer and installation warranty? What are the details?
  • Do you require a service agreement? If so, for how long? Does it auto renew?
  • Do I own the equipment or is it leased?
  • What happens if my phone line is cut?
  • What if I don’t have land line phone service? What are my options?
  • Do you use multiple UL Listed monitoring facilities that provide a redundant network  to respond to alarm signals in the event of an emergency or natural disaster?

In addition to these questions, you may want to check the company’s status with the local Better Business Bureau office.

Jon Doles

Sales Manager

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More about Jon…

For over 15 years, I’ve been helping home and business owners protect the people they love and the things that they care about most. My titles in the security industry include: Installation Technician, Service Supervisor, Sales Representative, and Sales Manager.

I believe that my hands-on experience with system design and equipment installation uniquely qualifies me to assist you with your security service needs. Most sales people in the security industry were selling cell phones or some other widget prior to entering this industry and therefore, have a limited understanding of security equipment capabilities.

I’m available to serve you in the North Central Florida area by appointment.

GRU, City of Gainesville Commissioners, and the Biomass contract

13 07 2012

The wisdom of GRU’s leadership and the City of Gainesville Board of Commissioner’s (sans Todd Chase, as he was not on the board in 2009) decision to move forward with the GREC Power Purchase Agreement is now proving to be the folly of fools. The agreement was to purchase 100 megawatts of baseload capacity. The plan when signed was that GRU would sell 50 megawatts and use the other 50 megawatts.

However, since a change in the market, the current rates in the market to purchase power, are in the$50’s per megawatt hour and not expected to rise above $100 per megawatt hour anytime in the foreseeable future. So yes, we will sell some of the power, but at market rates, approximately half of the $130 per megawatt hour price that GRU is contractually obligated to purchase the Biomass generated power from GREC. This will result in significant annual losses, potentially in the tens of millions of dollars…for many years to come.

It’s obvious to me and many others, that the City of Gainesville Board of Commissioners lack the qualifications to run a regional power utility. Simple math, in the earliest stages of negotiations, should have proven the the Power Purchase Agreement to be a bad course of action. The appearance is that our citizen owned utility is managed to meet the needs of GREC/American Renewable and not the rate payers.

My hope is that the Power Purchase Agreement with GREC would be invalidated, as approval by the City Commission was given while that contract still contained a back-out clause. It is my understanding that GRU allowed the back-out clause to be removed and signed the contract without having the change (removal of back-out clause) approved by the City Commission.

Another way out would be to break the contract with GREC and pay a penalty. In the long run, this would be a much better course than moving “Forward” and absorbing losses  in the tens of millions of dollars per year … for up to 30 years.  As a thinking rate payer, I’m in favor of dissolving this agreement as soon as possible and I’m angry with the elitist class of individuals that failed to protect the interests of GRU customers.



Yes, these people that present themselves as, knowing more than you and me, are “going off the rails on the crazy train.” Does anyone else hear Ozzy Osbourne?

Obama’s apology…was it necessary?

24 02 2012

It’s difficult to say whether or not President Obama, should or shouldn’t have apologized, for the recent incident in Afghanistan reported on Feb. 21st, where troops on the U.S.’s largest base, inadvertently burned Korans and other religious materials. The commander of all foreign forces in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen apologized, Secretary of Defense, Leon Penetta apologized, and President Obama apologized for this incident.

Gen. Allen said in a statement, “There was no intention by any member of ISAF to defame the faith of Islam or desecrate precious religious materials of the faith.”

The resulting responses of some Afghan people included:  demonstrations, cries of “Death to America” and murder. Two U.S. soldiers were killed by an assailant dressed in an Afghan National Police uniform. Apparently, the U.S. apology was not accepted.

I think one thing that makes recovering from an incident like this so difficult is that President Obama, on many occasions, denigrates the United States during speeches given here and on foreign soil. He has an established pattern of deriding our country and if he continues to disparage the U.S., other countries may view his frequent apologies as insincere, because the America that he portrays to the rest of the world is evil…and certainly could never be sorry.

One thing is certain, to date, I have not heard of any reported apology from any person in the country of Afghanistan, for the murder of two U.S. soldiers.  So far, it would appear that the holy book, the Koran, has more worth than two American lives. What will President Obama do about that? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think about this incident?

County Commissioners shirking their responsibility.

23 02 2012

And though its been said, many times, many ways…it’s not Merry Christmas, but rather, the Alachua County Commission shirking their responsibility to maintain our county roadways. On more than one occasion, I’ve heard residents from all over the county express their concern regarding the nearly $500 million back log of needed road repairs and the potential safety risks to our citizens. Commissioners, however, continue to ignore this growing  financial behemoth. Closing your eyes real tight, sticking your fingers in your ears while making obnoxious noises will not make this problem go away.

There will come a time, in the near future, where the citizens of Alachua County will be asked to approve a surtax and you’ll be left with a decision to make. It would be worth the time to pause and consider a few questions:

  • Why has the road maintenance back log grown to nearly half of a billion dollars? Lack of oversight? Neglect?
  • As one of the highest taxed counties in the state, are we getting our money’s worth?
  • In our current economic state, are the County Commissioners tightening the belt of county government?
  • Can we trust the current commissioners with more of our tax dollars?

It’s my opinion that the County Commission has done little to reduce the size or scope of county government during these most difficult of economic times and they are not trustworthy stewards with the tax dollars given to their care. As one of the highest taxed counties in the state, we should expect our elected representatives on the County Commission to provide the citizens with the most value possible for every tax dollar.

I have little confidence that our elected officials, on their own, would begin to take on the task of implementing a road projects plan to repair our deteriorating thoroughfares without citizen pressure. So, I would ask you to consider voting no to any new surtax that is not solely and specifically allocated for the repair of our county roads. We need safer roadways in Alachua County. And we have to insist that our concerns, not take a back seat to their pet projects.

What are your thoughts on the issue?